This old Mediterranean vineyard area, composed of long, flat structured terraces with a marine influence, is probably the origin of one of the most important varieties in our country: Monastrel. Even experts often tend to think that the variety is of French origin, as it is responsible for some of the most prestigious wines of the southern Rhône, under the name “Mourvèdre”.

The landscape in Alicante is attractive: the limestone walls created centuries ago in the vineyards to make the most of the scarce rainfall match the houses of the same colour. The almond groves and


vineyards enhance the orderly feel of the area. Historically, Alicante was a key harbour on the Mediterranean and had an important influence on the wine industry. The wine shipped in bulk to many other markets to “improve” other wines, somehow helped this area and its prestigious grape to gain a less prestigious reputation. Only the classic “fondillones” stood out for experts.

The company’s aim was to create a wine based exclusively on Monastrell We must not forget that a wine that is commercial, in the best sense, can also reflect what is best about the region.