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Hill of Arrebatacapas, Cebreros, Castilla y Leon, September 2007


Cebreros. “Vino de la tierra de Castilla y León”

This town in the southern part of the Castilla and Leon region, where the company has been working since 1999, is noted for the slate-derived minerality of its soils and its harsh, continental climate. Cebreros has an established vine-growing tradition, although 70% of its vineyards have disappeared in recent years. The large amount of horses and mules, still used for ploughing and transport, registered in the village is proof of this. Even today the growers still ride their animals out into the fields each day.

This town’s peculiarity lies in the mixture of slate and granite in its vineyards. The umbrella pines surrounding the plots are unique, while the hundred-year-old vines give the landscape a timeless feel. In Cebreros, the plants are still pruned in the same way as they were centuries ago.

  Of all the places in the town, one stands out: the slope of “arrebatacapas”, the slate-strewn mountain that it. The vines go up to 1200m of altitude here. Today, many of the gullies that used to contain vineyards have been overtaken by juniper trees. The smoothest granite and sand slopes have preserved ancient Grenache vines in a landscape dominated by huge, time-eroded rocks. Grenache expresses itself in a very special way here, producing one of the best examples in the world.


Rocky Landscape, Cebreros, September 2007


Garnacho vines at 1200 metres above sea level, Cebreros, September 2007