Spanish vineyards is predominantly red, inspite of having a number of white varieties with great aromatic potential, such as Verdejo, Albariño, Treixadura, Godello, Malvasía, Caíño and Muscat. Traditionally, spanish white wines were closer to rancio wines, sweet wines and and mature fortifieds than to the dry and fruity wines that are gaining in popularity today.

Rueda is one of the oldest wine regions in our country; in the past, even the Spanish court vaunted its qualities. Today the area is

 established as one of our leading white wine regions, as the famous rancio wines have given way to fresh whites made from Verdejo and Viura. The French variety Sauvignon Blanc, introduced by the father of modern oenology, Emile Peynaud, has given the place an international touch. The vast plots of excellent soil and the mild climate have given these white varieties an unbeatable advantage: competitiveness. Today, this region produces some of the most interesting, well-priced white wines in the world.